Older Women Getting Fucked

    older women

  • “Older Women” is a 1981 single written by Jamie O’Hara and recorded by Ronnie McDowell. “Older Women” would be Ronnie McDowell’s eleventh country hit and the first of two number one songs on the country chart.
  • (The Older Woman) These over-forty females come in two varieties: with and without kids.
  • (Older woman) Could be the dreamer’s mother; her feelings about ageing; her sense of inherited wisdom.


  • vulgar. Ruin or damage (something)
  • (fuck) sleep together: have sexual intercourse with; “This student sleeps with everyone in her dorm”; “Adam knew Eve”; “Were you ever intimate with this man?”
  • (fucking) fuck: slang for sexual intercourse
  • vulgar. Have sexual intercourse with (someone)
  • vulgar. (of two people) Have sexual intercourse
  • (fucking) bally(a): informal intensifiers; “what a bally (or blinking) nuisance”; “a bloody fool”; “a crashing bore”; “you flaming idiot”

older women getting fucked

Kiy gets a punch

Kiy gets a punch
Vincent Morningstar let his eyes drift from Ly to Kiyomi to Ly…to Kiyomi and he shook his head. a long drag off his cigarette and he said "this explains so fucking much…." he turned on his heel to head into the city…curious to see what sort of trouble he could get himself into.

Lyandria Bernard folded her arms infront of her chest. "She won’t shut up about a kid, Rape, Murder and drugs are what runs the city. She’ll be helping the city…or something." She glanced over towards Kiy. She blinked really slowly towards her as she would raise another brow watching her. She wouldn’t even say a word before Ly turned upon her heels and moved to punch her -hard- in the face. It was that type of punch that when you saw it, it was usually painful. Grizmo would bark, and move towards the shed. "Okay, We’re having a talk right now." She would stated if the punch landed.

Kiyomi Hasegawa watched vince head off and than turned just in time to see the fist flying straight at her face. Breaking her nose and sending her flying backwards onto the grass. She reached both her hands up to cup her nose and started to roll around "Oh my fucking god! Not my nose again!" she whaled. She looked at Lya as blood started to poor down the front of her, between her tits and stain her brand new white shirt. She herd Lyan’s words and blinked, her eyes red and tearful from the pain. Her voice muffled form her hands "Shit! All I did was ask to rent our your vagina! I even tossed in the turkey baster Idea so you wouldnt have to fuck him! Gawd!" She really had NO CLUE what she had done wrong..none what so ever.

Libby rounds the corner just in time to see Ly punch some woman hard. Eyes blinking in surprise even as she is to far away to hear what muffled words are said. Just shakes her head as keeps on walking. Thinking she most not have any sinks around to beat up on at the moment

Lucian Dumitrescu spotted Kiyomi trying to make a snow angel in the grass… leave it to a jap to NOT know how to make a snow angel. He walked over, raising an eyebrow at the bloody nose, trying, and failing, not to smirk.

Lyandria Bernard just watched her as she would run her tongue over her lower lip as the scent of blood filled the air. "You want to rent out someone’s vagina, you find a dumb slut who has nothing else going for her." She growled towards her, "You want to stick around me and Cassy, knock the baby stuff off, or learn to keep your thoughts inside your head." Her knuckles were probably going to be swollowen. "Do I make myself clear?" She glared towards the older woman.

Kiyomi Hasegawa leaned up and just looked at Lyan. She didnt notice Lucian until she was already stilling up some "Alright alright! Fine. Fuck. I thought maybe you would find it a compliment that Id rather have it be one of you two than some bitch I dont even like" She moved her bottom jaw back and forth just to make sure it was ok and started to wipe the non dried blood off her face on the back of her hand. She looked at Lucian and took a deep breath "This time…I really didn’t MEAN to piss her off" She started to stand and turned to face Lucian. "Damnit…brand new fuckin shirt.." she looked at Lya and just stood there. "Im sorry" she let out begrudgingly. "Still dont know what the fuck I did wrong but I am sorry."

Lucian Dumitrescu had heard Lyandrias little rant, and looking to Kiyomi when she said she didnt clue in, he muttered "Women dont tend to like having their bodies rented out like whores, if they arent one, dear."

Lyandria Bernard blinked towards Kiy. "Okay, I’m not a bitch in heat that you can strap on a table and wait nine months." She stated towards her as she rolled her eyes. "Maybe you should let your son decide who he wants to be with -excluding- Cassy and myself." She folded her arms. "Cassy’s still a kid, and I got someone already." Sure, her and Darius weren’t dating but she was nearly positive if she came to the apartment or his apartment pregnant well…he would give her a long lecture. "And have you ever thought of this one; Cassy and myself are sleeping with people. If you did talk us into getting pregnant, what are the chances of it actually being -your- grandson?" She looked toward Lucian, and gave him a nod before glancing towards Kiyomi. "And if you bring up selling any part of my body, I’ll have Grizmo eat you." Who was now gnawing on that black rubber ball of his.

Kiyomi Hasegawa glared at Lucian and gave him the death stare "Whores…fuck for money….alright. I told her she didnt even have to fuck him. I was just gonna…turkey baste her.." to her the explanation made perfect fucking sense but..than again. Kiy was Japanese. They do some weird ass shit in Japan. Like tentical porn. "Its like uh..what the hell do you call it..surrogate…&quot

Marziya Shakir Worlds Youngest Street Photographer

Marziya Shakir Worlds Youngest Street Photographer
180,585 items / 1,420,753 views

You dont need a camera to shoot pictures the body is a camera storing memories moments burning it on the disc of the mind..and they live on forever they dont go, embedded deep in the psyche..

I carried Marziya on my waist she was my first grand child my second chance it was like carrying my own dear daughter Samiya on my waist , and unfortunately I had no time for Samiya or my boys as I had sold my Shia soul to the devil in a booze bottle , there was no escape all memories of that part of my life fills me with immense pain of the pain I might have caused my family my friends luckily I have no relatives..

And I dont want to walk down memory lane as a cripple , sometimes I close my eyes try to imagine myself without hands without legs just a log lying on the streets like Appu..try imagining it even though you may not be a poet , you will understand my pain my guilt the journey of life of my afflicted soul..

So Appu and I have always got along he is a beggar to everyone save me, the first time I met Appu was many years back and it was at Chor Bazar , I was a regular Friday Flea market visitor and he sat next to Mutton Street corner close to the Bohra mosque.

I began taking his pictures a huge crowd collected , this is Mumbai they just appear disappear in a flash..
Appus relative handler was upset she came out from the shadows began verbally abusing me that I would take his pictures selling it to the foreign newspapers I had not begun my journey on the internet.. I was a fucked camera club salon participating photographer my photography world was a world with blinkers.

I was deeply hurt at the accusations and ta Appu saw a tear drop from my eye and we became one in a single moment and I will digress I walked from Thane to Mulund during the cloud burst when Mumbai was flooded and when I reached Chunnabhatti I was carrying the weight of an old man with me , and I was praying for Appu .. the waters were over 15 feet at some places that was a night I never forgot I walked from Sion home barefeet we stayed near Mehboob studios .. and when I reached home the lines all jammed I waited on the streets for Asif Shakir my eldest son he walked from Mira Road to Bandra .. and when I hugged him I knew that at times Fatherhood can be greater than Motherhood.

And Appu stayed in the same inundated area, I never asked him how he saved himself till date I have never asked him how he became a limbless human being.. just could not ever ask this question , the same way I never asked a Hijra why from a man he became woman.,.
Some questions have silence as answers

This was a blank post I had accidentally disabled it from public view and I am adding fuel to fire..

And this where Marziya came of age and the youngest street photographer in the world began her tyst with photography shooting pictures without a camera..

Fuck who says the camera takes pictures .. for once you are stumped .. no pun intended ..